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Is DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction the Right Option For You?

The DI EP Flap procedure truly revolutionized breast reconstruction surgery when it was introduced over 20 years ago. Up until that time women’s best options for breast reconstruction involved the use of implants.  If women wanted to use their own body tissue (autologous reconstruction), they had to sacrifice a major muscle in their body. With the advent of the DI EP, which stands for deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap, the patient could have a natural , normal looking and feeling breast reconstruction, using her own body tissue WITHOUT the sacrifice of a major muscle!

Even though this operation is very highly sophisticated and technically demanding , having done thousands of them, we have made it very safe, efficient, and reliable.

Most women with breast cancer have enough skin and fat in the stomach area (lower abdomen) to reconstruct one or two breasts.  Even for patients who have had prior abdominal surgery, almost everyone is a candidate for this operation. The The idea is to use extra skin and fat in the lower abdominal area, take this tissue along with the blood vessel that supplies it, and transplanted to the chest to making new natural breast.

Usually, when a woman donates this tissue from the abdomen, this has the same effect on the abdomen as a tummy tuck.

Eventually when more blood vessels grow into the transferred tissue, and nerves grow into it as well, and scars fade, the end result is a breast reconstruction that looks and feels and behaves exactly like a normal breast… The only difference is there’s no breast tissue inside it and therefore no risk of breast cancer In the transfer tissue.

Before and After Diep Flap Photos

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DIEP Flap Before and After Photo by Joshua L. Levine, MD

Left implant removal with delayed bilateral DIEP and right nerve coaptation. For history of breast cancer following bilateral mastectomy, right explantation, and failed implant reconstruction. Return To Before & After Gallery


DIEP Flap Before and After Photo by Joshua L. Levine, MD

Immediate left mastectomy, right implant removal with bilateral DIEP flap for history of breast cancer and high risk for failed right implant following prior right mastectomy, radiation damage. Return To Before & After Gallery

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