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Post-Breast Reconstruction: Patient Shopping List

Be In Control Of Your At Home Breast Reconstruction Needs

This is a compiled list of items our patients found useful in their first few weeks of breast reconstruction recovery.


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Breast Reconstruction: What To Ask Your Surgeon

Feel confident in choosing the best breast reconstruction surgeon for you.

These questions are designed to be helpful in selecting a microsurgeon specifically for true, muscle-sparing natural tissue breast reconstruction called perforator free flaps, i.e. DIEP, PAP, GAP, because of their highly specialized nature.


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Scar Care Instructions After Breast Reconstruction

Your At Home Needs Are Important To Us.

Dr. Levine wants to prevent as much scarring as possible. Scarring may be a result of your recent surgery or injury. In order to minimize the appearance of the scar, we recommend the following treatment.


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