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Natural-Breast-ReconstructionFor women who cannot or do not wish to use their abdomen as a donor site for breast reconstruction, the GAP flap has always been an excellent second choice. This tissue can be taken from the upper buttock : SGAP, or from a lower buttock : IGAP. Like the DI EP and the PHP flaps this perforator flap also does not sacrifice any muscle. The underlying gluteus maximus buttock muscle is entirely preserved with these operations. These are excellent options for women who are thin or for any reason do not wish to or cannot use their abdominal skin and fat as a donor site for breast reconstruction.




The photographs in this section are of actual patients of Dr. Joshua Levine. They have undergone various types of autologous breast reconstruction (perforator free flaps), i.e. DIEP/SIEA, PAP, GAP, delayed, immediate, with nipple-sparing mastectomy, etc. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may vary. To view more before & after photos, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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