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Our MISSION and commitment is to provide an exceptional level of care and compassion for our patients.  We pride ourselves on being leaders in patient-centered care with the surgical expertise of Dr. Joshua Levine, a world-class microsurgeon who continues to redefine the art & science of natural tissue breast reconstruction.

Apart from being an extremely talented and experienced surgeon, Dr. Levine is also a kind, thoughtful, generous person and an excellent listener. My case was complicated by other unrelated medical Issues, and Dr.Levine anticipated and had contingency plans in place for any potential problems, which did not occur, but which made me feel more secure. Most importantly, my surgical result is amazing. Thank you Dr.Levine. – Carolyn B

One of the genuine pioneers of breast reconstruction for those who have complex situations and cant tick the box for a regular implant. A talented micro surgeon without whom, I would have had no option for reconstruction. – Jennifer B.

Thanks Doc for fabulous results and the compassionate care, it changed my life. – Hope F.