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Post Breast Reconstruction Surgery Shopping List 2017-07-14T12:33:06+00:00

The Post Breast Reconstruction At Home Recovery Shopping List.

These items will help you feel organized, give you a sense of comfort & security, and add to a calm & relaxed space during your breast reconstruction recovery.

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Home Comforts

Moving around your home shouldn’t feel like an obstacle course, but rather, feel more like a sanctuary for you to maneuver through as you recover. Items like a back scratcher, a shower chair, and even flexi straws for drinking will make your recovery feel much more effortless.

Body Care

Feeling comfortable in your skin and body will help you to feel at ease and calm throughout your recovery. You’ll want to get items that make taking care of yourself convenient, and will help you to keep a fresh feeling. From dry shampoo to chap stick, these items will keep you refreshed.


It might be a while before you’re up to raising your arms above your head, and the drains and scar tissue are an uncomfortable part of recovery. The clothing items on this list will help you to stay comfortable and will help you to move fluidly and without as much effort.