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The SHaEP (stacked hemi abdominal extended perforator) flap is an excellent option for thin women who need more volume than there is in the center of their abdomen. The ability to extend the traditional abdominal flap out farther depends upon obtaining extra and adequate blood supply for that area. In this operation much like the stacked DIEP, A second blood vessel is harvested to supply the extra fat in the extended area of the abdominal flap. This area comes around towards the back of the patient and incorporates upper hip fat.  With this operation, patients who have been told that they’re too thin for the DIEP operation are now candidates for using their abdomen and italic a suppressly instruction. No muscle is ever sacrificed in this operation.




The photographs in this section are of actual patients of Dr. Joshua Levine. They have undergone various types of autologous breast reconstruction (perforator free flaps), i.e. DIEP/SIEA, PAP, GAP, delayed, immediate, with nipple-sparing mastectomy, etc. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may vary. To view more before & after photos, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.