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Dr. Joshua Levine MD

World-renowned leader in advanced natural tissue breast reconstruction, Dr. Levine understands that every woman is unique so his approach is personal..


Many of our patients have volunteered to serve as a voice of support to other women considering natural tissue breast reconstruction.


All women are candidates for our true muscle-sparing, implant-free natural tissue breast reconstruction to restore the warm look & feel of their own natural breasts.


With his expert technique, all women are candidates for this breast reconstruction option.


Dr. Levine takes a special interest in women who are concerned or may have been told they lack the necessary body fat for natural tissue breast reconstruction.

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Expert Breast Reconstruction

With more than 10 years of advanced surgical experience, board certified microsurgeon, Dr. Joshua Levine has perfected both the art and the science of true muscle-sparing, implant-free natural tissue breast reconstruction.

Dr. Levine has established 12 dedicated natural tissue breast reconstruction programs in New York City and throughout the tri-state area.

He remains committed to helping all women understand their breast reconstruction options.

Meet Dr. Levine

Advanced Surgical Options

Dr. Levine has performed more than one thousand natural tissue breast reconstruction procedures on women of every body type.

Under his care, all women can restore their own warm, natural feeling breasts without sacrificing muscle or risking complications of implants.

Dr. Levine is world-renowned for his expertise in DIEP, PAP and GAP procedures; and is a pioneer in the emerging extension and combination flap procedures.

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Uncompromised Patient Care

Our Patients are our highest priority

-First, we work closely with you to find the best breast reconstruction option to meet your individual needs.

-Then, our expert staff handles all of the details. We take care of scheduling, coordination of care and travel logistics for you.

-We also act as your insurance liaison and patient rights advocate.

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Our Mission and Values

We provide an exceptional level of care and compassion to our patients. Pioneer and world-class microsurgeon, Dr. Joshua Levine continually redefines the art and science of natural tissue breast reconstruction so all women can restore the look and feel of their own natural breasts with no muscle sacrifice and no implants.

Dr. Levine’s World-Renowned Practice Has Been Showcased In:


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Dr. Levine’s Expertise Spans From World-Renowned Surgeon to Procedural Teacher & Published Author

Perforator Flaps for Breast ReconstructionPatient demand for perforator flap procedures is quickly growing due to outstanding results: natural, normal-feeling breasts without destroying any muscle. Perforator Flaps for Breast Reconstruction gives plastic surgeons the detailed instructions they need to perform these sophisticated breast reconstruction procedures.

  • Created and Edited by Dr. Joshua L. Levine
  • Written by expert surgeons who have perfected the use of perforator flaps in breast reconstruction procedures
  • Detailed instructions on how to perform DIEP, SIEA, SHaEP, PAP, GAP, LAP, and TDAP flap procedures
  • Radiographic images, intraoperative photos, and carefully prepared illustrations walk the reader through each procedure